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SIBERIAN GINSENG Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus) is in the same family, but not genus, as true ginseng. Like ginseng, it is considered to be an adaptogenic herb. The active compounds in Siberian ginseng are eleutherosides One of the most popular uses for Siberian ginseng is to improve memory. It has been used in Chinese medicine for many years for this purpose, among others. There have been multiple studies that demonstrate improved cognitive function in people who supplemented with Siberian ginseng. Perhaps for this reason, it is one of the supplements currently being considered as a way to help Alzheimer's patients make cognitive improvements.

SCHIZANDRA Schizandra berry is an adaptogen, or a substance that aids the body in adapting to stress. Schizandra works in the body to balance stress hormones and normalize organ function during times of mental, environmental or physical stress. The most beneficial effects can be seen with long-term use of the supplement. It can increase physical stamina and reduce the amount of time needed to recover from physical exertion. It also protects the adrenal glands from the harmful effects of stress and balances the funion of the central nervous system. It also is reputed to sharpen mental focus, increase clarity, increase concentration, enhance memory, decrease fatigue and stimulate alertness without causing nervousness or over-stimulation. These effects often also produce an elevated mood

LYCIUM Functions of Lycium ⁃ Tones kidneys ⁃ Nourish the liver ⁃ Brighten the eyes ⁃ Moisten the lungs

MACA Scientists and doctors are now finding maca to be one of the best natural ways to regulate and support endocrine health. This action regulates metabolism, energy levels, growth, sexual development and the sense of well being and attitude. Maca does not contain hormones. Instead it provides a unique set of nutrients that directly fuel the endocrine system and help the glands to produce vital hormones in precise dosages predetermined by one's own body. In addition Maca does the following: • Increases energy and endurance • Increases stamina • Improves sexual function in men and women • Enhances fertility in people and animals • Reduces hormonal dysfunction during menopause & andropause • Can regulate hormonal imbalances • Has a beneficial action on the circulatory system; Speeds wound healing and reduces anemia • Enhances memory, learning, and mental ability • Has a beneficial action on the circulatory system; gives skin a more youthful appearance • Good for healthy teeth and bones • Acts as a fungistatic and bacteriostatic • Acts as an anticarcinogen and antioxidant

SUMA Another great adaptogen, which it has been used to treat chronic fatigue, heart disease and as an anti-inflammatory. It possesses pain killing properties and may be helpful to people with arthritis and other types of pain. Suma is packed with nutritional value. It contains many vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Most importantly, it contains germanium, a potent immune system booster. It also contains saponins, just like ginseng does.

CORDYCEPS Cordyceps are used specifically for the treatment of fatigue,  cough,  impotence,  and anemia.  One of the newest on the long list of cordyceps benefits is that of an immune modulator.  While certain compounds in cordyceps significantly boost immunity,  there are others that appear to modulate the immune system so that the body doesn't attack healthy tissue.  This could be a huge breakthrough in the treatment of autoimmune diseases.  Cordyceps is truly a miracle fungus.

RHODIOLA Rhodiola rosea is able to improve mood as well as increase energy because it helps stimulate the release of the mood-modulating neurotransmitters norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin. Rhodiola rosea can be used to treat the body holistically as it contains neuro-supportive ingredients and antioxidants, which assist the body in coping with stress.

SALVIA It is used to help treat mental fatigue, depression, anxiety, kidney disease, tension and migraines as well as to prevent and treat muscle spasms. It is also used to promote oral health and treat sore throats, bad breath and toothaches. Due to its estrogenic properties, it is used to restore hormonal balance. It is also beneficial for the treatment of a variety of digestive problems, such as upset stomach, gas, and both chronic and acute indigestion.

PANAX GINSENG Panax ginsengs, which are the adaptogenic herbs, principally Panax ginseng and P. quinquefolius. Ginseng is characterized by the presence of ginsenosides. Panax ginseng is typically promoted for the treatment or prevention of the following health problems: • anxiety • asthma • cancer • chronic fatigue syndrome • diabetes • depression • erectile dysfunction • fever • fibromyalgia • hangover • headache • inflammation • insomnia • stress • slow the aging process, • enhance memory, • boost stamina, • stimulate the immune system • improve sports performance.


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